Sarah Matchen, Owner

Restorative, Yin + Chair Yoga

Teaching Style: calming, nurturing, sincere

Cori Rosen

Yoga Sub

Teaching Style: genuine, compassionate, inspirational

Jackie Gomolski

Slow Flow

Teaching Style: mindful, authentic,


Becky Adams

Kids Yoga

Teaching Style: creative, encouraging, outgoing

Danielle Cullnan

Adaptive, Gentle + Restorative Yoga

Teaching Style: gentle, relaxing, spiritual

Jeanne Silvis

Flow into Yin + Slow Yoga

Teaching Style: compassionate, non-judgmental, self-observation

Brianne Nicole

Series, Retreats, Trainings, Workshops

Teaching Style: fun, intuitive, innovative

Diane Carpenter

Yoga Sub

Teaching Style: intentional, supportive, integrative

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