for the beginner

It's not always easy to start something new, but simply by being here and reading these words, you have already taken a step towards starting your yoga journey. Congratulations!

Our weekly public classes are open to all levels of experience, so please feel free to drop in for a class. You can view our weekly class schedule here.

We also offer classes designed specifically for the beginner, both in group and 1:1 settings. More information on these classes is below.


Select the option below that best describes you to find your ideal private beginner class.
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"I've never tried yoga before. I'm brand new!"

"I've taken a few classes, but I'd like to learn more about the practice."

"I used to practice yoga, but it's been awhile. I feel like a beginner again."

orientation to yoga

This 2-part orientation will provide you with an overview of yoga origins, styles, common poses, concepts and terms. It is designed for students brand new to yoga or who have taken a few classes but want to learn more about the practice as a whole. 


The format of this program is two 60-minute classes. The first session will cover origins, philosophy, terms, and poses. The second session will apply the material from the first session in a sample class. Both sessions can be done back-to-back if desired. In that case, total time will be 2.5 hours (two 60-minute classes with 30-minute break in-between). 

Class created and taught by Jeanne Silvis.
When: by appointment
Investment: $100 *students who complete the orientation will also receive 25% off any class package!

yoga refresh

The 60-minute Yoga Refresh class will give you a re-introduction to yoga and help you ease back in to your yoga practice. Ideal for the student who wants to come back to yoga after a break and may not feel comfortable jumping right back in to a public class.
Class created and taught by Jeanne Silvis.
When: by appointment
Investment: $70 *students who complete this class will also receive 25% off any class package! ⁣


yoga for beginners series

This 4-week class series will give you the tools to help build a solid foundation for your yoga journey. It is a chance to take a slower approach to yoga and learn safe form and technique in an open and non-judgmental environment. Questions, discussion, and laughs welcome!
Students new to yoga will be guided through slower-paced, alignment-based classes that break down common yoga poses, breathing techniques, and meditation. The series will also include an introduction to yoga philosophy, a "taste" of different styles of yoga, and how to incorporate props into your yoga practice.
Series created and taught by Brianne Spans.
When: Fall 2020
Time: TBA
Investment: $65 *students who participate in the series will also receive 25% off any class package! ⁣

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