about the yoga nest

The Yoga Nest is a calm, cozy yoga studio located in Lake in the Hills, Illinois. Our mission is to provide an inclusive, accessible space for people of all abilities to connect, learn and grow through yoga and related practices. 


We offer several weekly yoga classes, as well as workshops, trainings, and events. All of our offerings have the common thread of inviting you to slow down and develop mindful awareness in order to live a more peaceful, conscious life. 


We also believe yoga is for all bodies, abilities, races, genders, backgrounds, and life experiences. Accessibility matters, both on and off the mat, and we strive to make the studio accessible to a wide range of students.


Below are some of the things that make the Nest a unique and welcoming space.


no stairs | ADA compliant,

gender-neutral restroom | service dogs welcome | accessible parking spaces in front of studio


scent-sensitive* | studio cleaned using cleaning products free of harsh chemicals

*neutral scents such as lavender, peppermint + vanilla may be used. If a class or workshop will use other scents or products, this information will be included in the class description.


all levels of experience + ability welcome | pose variations offered | "consent cards" available for physical touch/adjustments


quiet, private room with soft lighting, blankets, and floor pillows


we love props and currently have chairs, blocks, bolsters, blankets, straps, eye pillows, and mats (coming soon: sandbags)


tools available for use in any class: "fidget toys" for anxiety, tension + stress relief | "breathing buddies" for breath awareness | noise-cancelling headphones

First time taking a class at the Nest? Click here to complete the new student waiver.

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